Publications and Exhibitions


Ghost City Review, May, Poem: “White Light, White Heat”

Otoliths, Issue 52, February, 2 Poems: “The Reading” and “Boustrophedon”


Dispatches from the Poetry Wars, 4 Poems: “Infinite America”, “On the 20th Century”, “Day of the Dead”, “Stories of Chaos”

Festival delle Arti Giudecca, Studio Giudecca 860, September 7-9, Apophenia, Photographs and Poems

Anti-Heroin Chic, April 30, Poems: “Continental Divide” and “Some Basic Information About Your Plan”



Chapbook: Apophenia, Finishing Line Press

North of Oxford, September 15, Poem: “Bikini Wax, an Inquiry into Heteronormativity”

2 Bridges Review, Volume 6, Spring 2017, Poem: “Pawn Shop”



Pioneertown, August 30, Poem: “School of Fish”

The Missing Slate, Weekend Poem, March 20, “Millipede”

Rufous City Review, Issue 14, February, Art Feature: Photographs of Winter in New York



Wu Wei Fashion Mag, December, Poems: “Double-Jointed” and “Waffle House

Alien Mouth, November, Poems: “Nothing and Something” and “Duck Duck Goose”

Queen Mob’s Teahouse, June, Poems: “Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” and “Young Russia”

Cleaver Magazine, Issue No. 9, March, Poem: “The Duck Lady”



Ray’s Road Review, Fall 2014, Photographs from Blur

The Missing Slate, August 10, Poem of the Week, "Vir Heroicus Sublimus (for Frank O’Hara)"

Otoliths, Issue 34, August, Five Photographs and a Poem: "Saturday Afternoon"

Hothouse, July 20, 2014, Five Photographs from Blur

The Newer York!, July 12, 2014, Photograph illustrating the story “At the Pleiades Installation in Pittsburgh”

Cartagena Journal, Issue Two, Winter 2014, 2 Poems: "The Day After Lou Reed Died" and "Poem for the End of the Year"



The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review Gallery, October, Interview: Making Pictures

Message In A Bottle, Issue 15, September 2013, Three poems: "The Venetian", "The Countess", "The Right of Return"

Orbis 164, Summer 2013, Poem: "Summer's Cold Air"

The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review Gallery, July, Photographs from The Illusion of Validity

Citron Review, Summer Issue 2013, 5 Photographs

Anti-, May, Feature #105 cover photograph

Otoliths, Issue 29, May, Poem: "Exit Zero"

Eclectica, April/May 2013, Poem: "A View of a Storm"

Urbanautica, March 7, 2013, images from The Illusion of Validity

Danse Macabre, March 4, 2013, Three Poems: "Ghosts of New York", "Foundation Myth", "Heroin City"  

Wilderness House Literary Review, #7/4, Winter 2013, Six Poems: "Festination", "Entering City Hall Station", "Foundation Myth", "Ravenna", "The Defenestration of Affection", "Silver Mountain"  



The Monarch Review, December 5, 2012, featured portfolio of photographs from The Illusion of Validity

Otoliths, Issue 26, August 1, Two Poems: "I Want To Believe" and "Reasoning Backward"

591 Photography, May 3, featured photographs from The Illusion of Validity  

The Illusion of Validity, book released, April  



Rush Arts Gallery, New York, NY, December, “Curate NYC 2011”

George Eastman House, Rochester, NY, “The Unseen Eye: Photographs from the W.M. Hunt Collection,” October- February 2012

591 Photography, July 26, featured photographs



Appleton Museum, Silver Springs, FL, “The Unseen Eye: Photography from the Collection of W.M. Hunt,” November-January 2011



Fotografiemuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, “Oog-Eye: Photographs from Collection Dancing Bear,” Feb.-April



Musee De l'Elysee, Lausanne, Switzerland, “No Eyes: the Dancing Bear Collection of W. M. Hunt,” March-June



Recontres D’Arles, Arles, France, “Sans regardes, or no eyes: looking at collection Dancing Bear,” June-July Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA, February-May



New York Studio School, New York, NY, “Alumni Exhibition,” curated by Bill Jensen, April-May



“Tea3” (2002), Asia Society, New York, April



“Pessoa in New York” (2000), Filmjunkie Film Fest 2001, San Francisco



A Ramona Studio, Photographs & Bullet Park Series, January-February